Friday, 29 April 2011

Great Glen B&B on top

We cant get any higher in the whole of the UK
Thats what Graham and Andrew of Great Glen B&B achieved on Monday the 25th April when they climbed Ben Nevis via the CMD ridge on a near perfect day for visibility. Andrew climbed ben Nevis as part of a fund raising effort for his trip to South Africa this summer. Graham just went along for the ride!!!
Ben Nevis is known as the cloudy mountain as most of the time the summit is covered in cloud, but not on the day we climbed it thank goodness

The CMD ridge is spectacular with great views when the weather is kind

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Great Glen B&B Guests sworn to secrecy

The family for 2011 is now complete, meet the 8 hooligans called lambs that are tearing round our fields at Great Glen B&B. The last one to be born (below) is Tilly's lamb which is now 4 days old. We invited the Loch Ness Monster up for a look but she declined.

"DONT TELL ANY ONE ELSE ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC PLACE" That is what our guests are saying as they are worried that we will be too busy and have no vacancies for when they want to return. So we will just have to take all our signage down and shut down our website, or is that a bit drastic?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Gold stars all round for Great Glen B&B

Once again Great Glen B&B have achieved the highest 4 star Gold accolade from Visit Scotland
Sonia & Graham were delighted as they received 100% for cleanliness and hospitality.
Unfortunately Great Glen B&B will not be serving Gold plated toast!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Great Glen B&B's black sheep of the family

Its that time again folks, the aaaah factor comes round every spring when our new born lambs appear. This year Mary's lambs (above) have both been accepted by their mum so no bottle feeding this year hopefully. They are both boys and are already starting to be very mischievous.
Here's the black sheep of the family. Dez was the first to lamb this year 2 girls and as you can see one of them is jet black, every body say aaaaah.

We will keep you posted as we still have Jazz, Smiles and Tilly to lamb.