Monday, 26 July 2010

3 reasons children choose Great Glen B&B Loch Ness

Denmark's relationship with Scotland has warmed significantly following a visit by Ana & Emilie
to Great Glen B&B in July.
The reasons for the better relations with Scotland are mainly due to the friendly welcome given by the native animals found at this Loch Ness haven.

We hope that the two countries will continue to have this special relationship, Prime Minister Cameron was particularly grateful to Great Glen B&B for the pivotal role they have played in this momentous achievement.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Guess Who! Great Glen B&B cats know the answer

Our guests here at Great Glen B&B were grateful for the help of Sasha & Roly in solving the brain teasing game that is "Guess Who".

As it turned out it was Sasha who deduced the ID of the mystery person much to the annoyance of the other team who claimed an unfair advantage as their helper was cat napping.

The mystery person was Bernard for those of you who are desperate to know the answer!