Monday, 17 January 2011

Great Glen B&B ready for business 2011

Graham realised a life's ambition whilst on holiday in Mauritius. He caught a Blue Marlin during a big game fishing trip. Graham said " I was thrilled to hook this magnificent fish and it put up a tremendous fight taking me 55 minutes to land. The only disappointment was that as we were bringing it up under the boat a monster shark took 2 bites out of my fish, I suppose I was lucky the shark had the taste for Marlin and not me!"
Fresh back from a relaxing holiday Sonia & Graham are ready to welcome guests for 2011.
Even though the winter has been tough at Great Glen B&B all the animals have survived and the ice has just melted.

The spring lambs are due in March so we will keep you posted on the new arrivals. The mums are all looking fat so we could have lots of twins this year.