Saturday, 27 March 2010

Party Time at Great Glen B&B (Nessie wasn't invited)

A Huge celebration BBQ party marked the birthday of Great Glen B&B's first lady Sonia Whittington. All the family were present (probably won't happen again for some time) with lots of food, drink, party tricks and family squabbles/discussions. The highlight was a short sharp shower followed by a rainbow which landed in the garden. Everyone rushed for spades to dig for the crock of gold.
Neil Whittington was so impressive with the circus tricks that Billy Smart signed him on a 3 year contract. He starts on Monday.
Hannah (she's the blonde one) flies back to London on Monday to continue her modelling career.
What can we say about the birthday girl, well she has retired to the hot tub to revive those weary muscles, you know the ones you use for lifting glasses of bubbly.

And No were not having a guess the age competition!!