Friday, 19 March 2010

New arrivals at Great Glen B&B Loch Ness

Two new arrivals to report here at Great Glen B&B. They are very large, very hairy, and look very dangerous (but they are harmless). They eat for Britain and leave big piles of Sh....t all over my lovely fields. What are they? Hairy cooos. The Red one is called Mhairi and the black on is called Eilidh Dubh.

This beast was the mainstay of the economy in the Scottish Highlands and Islands for many centuries. At a local level the house cow would give milk, cheese, butter, hair for weaving and (eventually) hide and leather for a host of uses. The beef from this animal is second to none.

By nature Highland cows are fairly placid animals and have a reputation to be good and attentive mothers. So if her calf is threatened she will be staunch in defending it. Her usual laid back approach to life can be cast aside in an instant as she moves quickly to use her horns, or kick out at any person or animal unwise enough to come between her and her offspring.